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11th July 2019

What underpins business confidence? When it's innovation, investment and high quality communication, confidence translates into achievement.

Confidence is a wonderful, invigorating thing. We welcome reports that business confidence is high, particularly when it’s clearly justified. The past three years have been a major test of Britain’s commercial resilience, and one sector keeps passing that test time and time again.

The European Patent Office’s annual report shines a light on leaders and innovators. When more new patents are filed more research is undertaken, with greater investment flowing into that research. It’s a virtuous circle that drives our economy forward.

The 2018 report confirmed a notable rise in patents filed in biotech and pharma. Pharma patents were up by 15.7% year on year, and biotech patents by a striking 25.3%. The 2019 report was eagerly anticipated, and once again the pharma and biotech sectors stood out with further increases of 13.9% and 12.1%.

The research that goes hand in hand with these innovations is costly, and the investors who fund it don’t part with their money lightly. They are giving pharma and biotech a major endorsement, and when we see the talent and accomplishment on our own doorstep it’s easy to understand why.

Since opening their doors in 2002, leading diagnostics specialist Oxford Immunotec has delivered consistent innovation and progress in helping us understand the human body’s immune system. The company's T-SPOT procedure marks a leap forward in testing of lymphocyte white blood cells and is approved for sale in over 50 countries. When the London Stock Exchange identified Oxford Immunotec as one of the companies to inspire Britain, it pleased many and surprised no one.

Conversis Sales Director Debbie Pell appreciates their contribution:

As a proud Oxfordshire company Conversis applauds the ground-breaking work of our friends in the local business community, and no one breaks more ground than Oxford Immunotec. When talented people dedicate themselves to a task and never lose focus, extraordinary things can happen. This company’s impact on diagnostics is global, game-changing and truly inspiring.

The clinical trials that underpin this progress require as much attention to detail as the original research, and as the industry’s translation partner of choice Conversis is happy to play our part. Regulatory documentation, clinical trial material and patient recruitment campaigns are taken from one language to another by translators who understand every term and every nuance, and most importantly understand exactly what our partners are trying to achieve.

Helping you communicate. Helping you build. Helping you.

Pharma and biotech innovators have good reasons to be confident, and the right communication partner will help them share those reasons with the world. Two decades of delivering on our promises gives us the confidence to say the right communication partner is Conversis.


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