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22/03/17 10:28:10

Translation and artwork for manuals and collateral across Canon's vast range of professional and consumer electronics products.

What does Conversis do for Canon?

Canon Europe has partnered with Conversis for more than 10 years now, confident in our 100% accuracy rate and responsive, cost-effective delivery of translation and localisation into 27 languages.

Canon Europe is Canon’s strategic UK headquarters for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. Conversis delivers translation of complex technical documentation into many different languages, managing the whole process in close consultation with Canon’s in-country reviewers.

We ensure that our translation professionals meet the precise and unique needs of each and every local market, and deliver all work within strict timelines and with regular updates on the status of each project.

One of our latest and most complex projects is the ‘Come and See’ campaign. This was the biggest ever through-the-line consumer brand campaign which was capturing the way that people are telling stories through photography. As part of a three-year communications strategy, the campaign invites consumers to look deeper at the world and inspire people to capture the enriching and captivating stories that unfold all around, every day.

For the message to be efficiently sent across the multitude of cultures and languages that Canon targets, Conversis is filling in the gaps by translating and localising the content into 27 languages throughout the entire campaign.

What makes the relationship work?

Conversis’ attention to detail and consistency are integral to this relationship. We manage the whole process for Canon, working to their timelines and keeping them up-to-date with the status of each project. We work directly with Canon’s in-country reviewers to ensure our translations meet the precise and unique needs of each and every local market. We also have a process in place to ensure consistency across translated terms and phrases for any future projects for products from the same range or updates to existing brochures.