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HUG (Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève)

30/07/18 10:28:10

The Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) was established in 1995 and is made up of nine hospital sites and more than 11,000 staff members supporting patients with the latest technology and medical knowledge.

What did Conversis do for HUG?

Our work with HUG primarily focused on website translation in response to a significant increase in demand from both local and international markets. Recognising this, HUG asked us to support them in the translation of their website and digital content, translating content from Swiss French to Mid Atlantic English, the target audience in the English-speaking community of expats in Switzerland.  This involved translating up to two million words – a significant undertaking!

The HUG website itself was modern and interactive, and based on a ‘dynamic’ content management system (CMS). Our website experts worked closely with HUG’s web developers to support all stages of the project from the initial analysis, to establishing key terminology, translating the content, undertaking quality assurance checks and conducting an In-situ website review.

What made the relationship work?

Key to this relationship was the collaboration between HUG themselves and our linguists - we were committed to providing them with constant technical support and advice, and guiding them to ensure they used the right file extensions and followed specific instructions to maximise results and minimise execution time.

This ultimately meant that the website content could be extracted more efficiently, and more content could be translated first time. In addition, we were able to automate the re-import of translated content, saving HUG significant time when populating new sections of the site.

The project itself was managed in English, French and Italian and frequent conference calls and face-to-face meetings allowed the project to progress smoothly. Quality checks were also undertaken at every step of the process, increasing efficiency further and emphasising the importance of good communication – a key element of the Conversis approach. 

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