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Building Bridges: Rugby World Cup Day Fourteen

03rd October 2019

Congratulations to Ireland on a much needed win, but today's result may not have pleased the 80,000 Russian speakers living there.


Ireland 35 – 0 Russia

Most of Ireland will have welcomed today’s result, but the 3,500 Russian citizens living there might feel differently. There are approximately 80,000 Russian speakers in Ireland, most of them emigrants from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. It’s a large enough group for Ireland to have a Russian language newspaper, Nasha Gazeta, which has been in circulation since 2001. Russian Bridge, an organisation that develops the Irish-Russian cultural relationship, is highly active in building links between schools and colleges in the two countries as well as promoting tourism in both directions. Russia’s diplomatic relationship with Western Europe has been rocky in recent years, so let’s hope today’s result hasn’t done any further damage.


Ireland’s comfortable win today has put their campaign back on track but for a top tier team, their World Cup record is undistinguished. In recent years Ireland have won six nations Grand Slams and topped the world rankings, but they have never progressed beyond the quarter final in any World Cup.


Ireland (21) 35

Tries: R Kearney, O'Mahony, Ruddock, Conway, Ringrose

Cons: Sexton (3) Carty (2)

Russia (0) 0


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