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Broken Showers, Broken Lockers

18th November 2019

A professional service can sensibly balance the savings you want to make with the quality you shouldn’t have to do without.


Yesterday I spoke with a friend who, in the course of our conversation, complained about the facilities at her local gym. The showers are unreliable. They drip when you want them to flow, and run cold when you need something hot. And the slippery five yard walk from cubicle to changing room is as precarious as an Alpine bobsleigh run. The lockers don’t always close properly and sometimes the locks jam, so she uses a small table knife to prise them open.

People tell me going to the gym is supposed to be a challenge, but I don’t think that’s the kind of challenge they mean. Showers should offer running water and if something is called a locker then, fundamentally, you should be able to lock and unlock it. But I have limited sympathy for my friend because she pays a gym fee of nine pounds per month. She could afford far more but, in her own words, she likes a bargain. She once booked us into a hotel with no towels in the bathrooms. When we asked the manager how we were supposed to dry ourselves after a shower, he suggested that we press ourselves against the wallpaper and let it absorb the moisture.

When we pay rock bottom rates we don’t automatically lose the right to good service, but we do lose the right to make a credible complaint about bad service.

This car is useless. The clutch keeps sticking and the indicators don’t work.

It’s twenty years old and it cost less than your TV licence. What did you expect?

This bottle of orangeade contains a kilogram of sugar and it’s made two of my teeth fall out.

It cost 49p and carried a health warning. What did you expect?

This translation is full of mistakes. It’s not just wrong, it’s gibberish.

You paid a fraction of the going rate and used someone with no professional accreditation who probably ran the text through Google. What did you expect?

When you speak to the world, your words should be nuanced and persuasive. If you don’t communicate your message clearly in sense and spirit, who’s going to listen?

You’re entitled to a cost-effective solution that sensibly balances the savings you want to make with the quality you shouldn’t have to do without.

Like my friend, you’re entitled to look for a bargain. But unlike her you should recognise the difference between economy and false economy.

For broken showers, read broken promises.

For broken lockers, read inadequate data security and lack of confidentiality.

For “bargain”, read “bargain basement”. Is that really where you want to conduct your business?

When service partners tell you that you have to compromise, it often means that working with them is the compromise. You deserve better, don’t you?


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