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Breathing Lessons

15th August 2019

The ISIRV Options X Conference will showcase expertise that's making huge improvements in patient quality of life.

After three decades as an industry leader, hVIVO continues to break new ground in the treatment of respiratory and infectious diseases. The company’s clinical trial platform has proved to be an invaluable aid in fast-tracking drug and vaccine development, and later this month its expertise will be shared with an enthusiastic and uniquely knowledgeable audience.

The ISIRV Options X Conference takes place over five days in Singapore from August 28th to September 1st. Visitors to the SUNTEC Conference Centre will be greeted with one excellent learning opportunity after another, and presentations by Dr Nicolas Noulin, hVIVO’s Associate Director of Clinical Science, will be high on many people’s lists. Dr Noulin is making one oral presentation alongside Delphine Guyon-Gellin of Osivax, and also presenting two posters.

The work of hVIVO, Osivax and all of the event speakers promises to make huge improvements to the quality of life of those suffering from respiratory ailments all over the world. We wish them well for this event and for the day to day work that’s making such a difference to so many.


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