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Boston O.C.T. Party

02nd October 2019

All the best to everyone sharing their thoughts at OCT New England this week



How can partnerships help us meet new challenges in Clinical Trials?

How can mergers and acquisitions affect your vendor relationships?

How can we make informed evaluations of patient risks as early as possible in the Clinical Trial process?

These may not be new questions, but attendees at OCT New  England this week will be seeking fresh answers. For the next two days, the Westin Boston Waterfront is hosting industry leaders and thought leaders who will get to the heart of issues that matter, not only to the organisers and managers of clinical trials but to the patients who volunteer for them.

We wish everyone iin Boston an enjoyable and productive two days. And when you're ready to reach out across languages and borders to your partners and patients, we'll be ready to support you.


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