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Industry trends for 2016

Gary Muddyman | 02nd January 2016

Gary's views on the challenges and opportunities for 2016

First things first. I’d like to send best wishes for 2016 to all of our staff, clients, partners, suppliers and friends generally. I love this time of year, the arrival of the New Year somehow seems to refresh all of our energies and our hearts and minds are full of the opportunities for the year ahead.

In particular, the localization industry has a number of opportunities and faces a lot of challenges in the coming year. Those that are informed, well run and light on their feet will thrive. Those stuck in an old traditional approach will struggle. The industry is consolidating fast and I would see the M&A activity continuing and even accelerating. The bigger players in our space will continue to grow with acquisition a core plank of their strategy as well as new money continuing to be invested in our market.

Businesses continue to explore the possibilities offered by digital development. The internet of things, continuing demand for mobile access and many others provide new opportunities for localizers. Consumers both personal and business demand access to information when they want it in the format they want it in their own language. So marketers look to focus on customer experience each and every time the customer or buyers touch the organization.

So the challenge for localizers is to respond to these challenges in a way which increases speed at the right price and right quality. As the sophistication of businesses social media strategies develop we need to be ready to respond. Equally those channels that used to be called new media continue to grow. We have been looking at more requests for voice and video content and I expect this trend to continue.

Finally, to pick up again Conversis’ favourite cause, Governments and policy makers in both the UK and the US need to respond to demand from businesses for linguistically and culturally competent talent. Those of you that have read our Global Talent report will know of our desire to play our part in pressurizing our politicians, leaders and educators to elevate the importance of language learning in schools, colleges and universities. We will continue to bang that drum.

Best wishes to you all.