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Major industry merger...

Gary Muddyman | 28th June 2017

Our Founder and CEO, Gary Muddyman shares his thoughts on the merger of two of the industry's not-for-profit organisations, supported by Conversis, both of which are supported by Conversis.

I was informed a few weeks ago of the completion of the merger between Translators without Borders (TWB) and The Rosetta Foundation(TRF), both localisation industry not-for-profit organisations supported by Conversis over the years.

The official announcement was made on the 15th June at the Localization World conference and I couldn’t be more delighted that these two wonderful organisations have secured their future together. I have been involved in the talks from the start and in the negotiations from time to time, and have always believed that TWB and TRF would be stronger, more efficient and more effective together than apart.

It has become increasingly apparent that humanitarian work has a significant language element and that quality language provision is critical to the successful outcomes of projects in areas of need. Put simply, the language used by those with the skills, infrastructure and resources most often doesn’t match that of the people in need. There is a language gap and both TWB and TRF do essential work in bringing the parties together. It is absolutely vital work and the combined organisations with their combined resources and skills are in an even better position to work towards better outcomes.

My admiration and congratulations go to Aimee Ansari (Executive Director of TWB) and Olga Blasco (Board member at TRF), who have worked tirelessly, skilfully and with great sensitivity to make this happen. Also to everyone who has supported them and been involved with this significant step on the boards of the organisations and as advisors. Many involved with these not-for profit-organisations give their time, knowledge and skills for free, often without personal recognition.

However, primarily, I have to congratulate Reinhard Schäler and Lori Thicke the founders of TRF and TWB respectively. Without these two visionary, dedicated and compassionate people the organisations would never have got off the ground. I know that for both of them the path has often been tough and, through many years, support was often lacking when it was most needed. Nevertheless, they stuck with it and their selfless devotion has given this new merged organisation a fantastic chance of success to continue their good works. Reinhard and Lori, you should be very proud of what you have achieved, and I am sure you have the heartfelt thanks of all those involved. It has been my privilege to work with both of you.

I am excited by this opportunity and the new board that looks dynamic, knowledgeable, smart and committed. I wish them every success.