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Bear Necessities

21st October 2019

What does patient-centricity mean to you? We know what it means to Illingworth Research.



Patient-centricity is a term that comes up time and time again in conversations about clinical trials. What does it mean to clinical research organisations? What does it mean to patients?

We know what it means to Illingworth Research.

By making trial visits to patients in their own homes, workplaces or schools, Illingworth maximises convenience and comfort.

By assigning the same skilled nurses to make regular visits to the same patients, Illingworth enables the building of personal rapport and deeper understanding of patient health conditions.

By scheduling home visits for patients with terminal conditions, Illingworth gives precious time at home to people who may not have long left.  

As the service has expanded the Illingworth Bear, the company’s mascot, has famously appeared in locations around the world. In recent months we’ve seen the bear take centre stage throughout Europe, the Middle East, Far East, USA and Australia. This global success is underpinned by a mobile nursing service that puts the patient’s needs first. More and more patients are being empowered, some with manageable health conditions and others with terminal illness. For all of them, the time and the choices the service provides are precious.

The results speak for themselves, with trial recruitment rates as much as four times higher than average, and the launch of Illingworth Mobile Research Nursing in Egypt at the end of this month promises to deliver invaluable benefits in a country that offers one hospital bed for every 2,000 citizens.

Delivery of a truly patient-centric service is a necessity for vulnerable people undertaking clinical trials. It’s a necessity for their trust, their engagement and their retention. It’s also the right thing to do. Whenever we see the Illingworth bear appear in a new location we know that trial patients there will be treated with respect and consideration, as well as impeccable nursing care. Happy travels.


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