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A Galaxy Far, Far Away

09th July 2019

Subtitling and voiceover services can open up vast new markets, but only when delivered professionally.

Avengers Endgame?

Captain Marvel?

Toy Story 4?

Actually the surprise global hit of 2019 is a science fiction epic that sees our planet propelled 4.5 light years across the universe to escape the dying sun. It’s called The Wandering Earth and no, I haven’t seen it either.

For the millions who have, 流浪地球 will be the title they recognise. The Wandering Earth is a Chinese-made, Chinese language phenomenon, and so far its $700 million revenue has been generated from a Chinese audience. With a potential market of 1.5 billion native speakers, the door is open wide for enterprising film makers. Not surprisingly Hollywood has taken the hint. In 2015 Warner Brothers studios set up the Flagship Entertainment Group specifically to reach this audience. They were betting on a sure thing. A new study released by PWC estimates that Chinese cinemas will sell tickets to a value of $12.28 billion in 2020, compared to $11.93 billion in the United States.

As rising economies and languages claim greater and greater prominence, can we expect to see Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese or Malaysian language films regularly subtitled or dubbed into our native languages at cinemas in London, New York, Munich or Rome?

When that happens Conversis will be ready to lend our support, just as we are when clients need to recreate their English language stories for a global audience.  

Why should you use a professional voiceover and subtitling service?

Look what happens when you leave it to amateurs.

Fans of The Wandering Earth will be hoping it receives better subtitling treatment than another popular space saga. The Star Wars instalment “Revenge of the Sith” was bafflingly mistranslated as “Backstroke of the West” when a version of the movie was taken from English to Chinese and back again. Whatever that linguist and subtitler are working on now, film fans must hope they are doing it in a galaxy far, far away.

When the job is done with precision and skill, the story has a different ending. Conversis will capture the meaning of your original content in sense and spirit, harmonizing the length of the translated text to be as easily readable in subtitle form as possible. The same quality of service is available to clients for commercial film, e-learning and corporate video projects, in any format and any language.

Conversis delivers:

- Impeccably created and timed subtitling templates


- Translation that preserves meaning and respects style and space constraints

- Thorough quality checking by an industry-leading project management team


You don’t have to go to the movies to see and hear professional voiceover and subtitling work. You can get it right here.


Conversis: helping you speak to the world

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