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Positive progress in the US

04th July 2018

Our recently opened US office has already proved a great move for both the company and our local and global clients.

Having opened our first US office in March, we have seen immediate benefits in terms of establishing contact with new clients and the further development of relationships with their existing clients.

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, the company’s new office is close to many established clients, and has helped demonstrate the importance of geographical location when deciding upon a new location.

Gary Muddyman, Founder and joint Chief Executive Officer at Conversis said “The welcome we have had from the good people of North Carolina, and Research Triangle Park in particular, has been fantastic. Whether it be the business community or the folks we have met socially, everybody has been incredibly welcoming. Southern hospitality is alive and well and living in North Carolina!”

“Whether we are in the UK, the US, Europe or anywhere else in the world our fundamental approach is the same. Our challenge is to ensure we maintain our high standards, and get better and better each day on both sides of the Atlantic.”

For further information, please contact Simon Halls at simon.halls@conversis.com or call 01869 255830.