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Years of experience enable Conversis interpreters to process complex messages in one language and express them swiftly and with pinpoint accuracy in another. The skills required to interpret conference speeches, telephone conversations, panel discussions or courtroom testimony are highly diverse. Rest assured, Conversis interpreters offer you all of them.


Conversis delivers:

Calm, seasoned interpreters who quickly grasp meaning and context

Sector specialists with excellent current knowledge of the language of your business

Simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, whisper interpreting, telephone interpreting


Work includes:

  • Conference interpreting
  • Courtroom interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Video interpreting
  • Legal depositions
  • Legal interviews
  • Technical lectures
  • Scientific sessions
  • Technical lectures
  • Scientific sessions
  • British Sign Language
  • American Sign Language

Case Studies

Vision Impact Institute | When the VII decided to globalise their message, Conversis were happy to step up and deliver. Knowing that a website translation into Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and French would open the door to an ...
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