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Feeling at home in the US

11th July 2018

Gary Muddyman, our Founder and CEO shares his thoughts on our recent expansion into the US.

Well here we are, entering the fourth month of our American adventure. And I’m pleased to say that things are going well, very well.

The welcome we have had from the good people of North Carolina, and Research Triangle Park (RTP) in particular, has been fantastic. Whether it be the business community or the folks we have met socially, everybody has been incredibly welcoming. Southern hospitality is alive and well and living in North Carolina!

I’d like to thank our friends at the British American Business Council, Durham Chamber of Commerce and the North Carolina Biosciences Organization who have helped us integrate into the business community in RTP smoothly. I have also spent time in New York, Boston, Chicago and Dallas and am delighted that new business opportunities are opening up for us across the country.

There are of course big differences here in the US. There are differences in employment, legal structures, networking opportunities and some working practices. I am driving on the other side of the road and already starting to use some different words! And, of course, culturally, it takes some getting used to.

But there are also many similarities. Business, in the language services industry in particular, is heavily focused on its people and the relationships they have with one another.  As a service provider, we obviously need to deliver our projects on time, within budget and to a good standard. That is why we exist. But it’s the standard of our service that helps us stand out. How quickly do we respond to challenging requests? How willing are we to advise and guide our clients in areas that are new to them? How closely do we listen to their needs? Are we flexible, transparent and do we go that extra mile?

Whether we are in the UK, the US, Europe or anywhere else in the world our fundamental approach is the same. Our challenge is to ensure we maintain these standards, and get better and better each day on both sides of the Atlantic.

It is now official. Conversis USA Inc. exists and we have the FEIN number to prove it! We are settled in our new office and have new staff starting very soon. I feel very positive about the start we have made in the USA on so many levels and can’t wait to see how the company develops further over the coming months.

For further information, please contact Simon Halls at simon.halls@conversis.com or call 01869 255830.