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Catherine Turner Ltd

Case Study

Catherine Turner Ltd is a production company that delivers events, communication programs, interactive training and engagement materials. 

11 languages

Polish, Hungarian, Slovak, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Portuguese, French, Czech, Russian


Catherine Turner Ltd

This project consisted of 2 medical videos aimed to raise awareness on stroke prevention, translated into 11 languages and engaging 22 voice artists (one male and one female voice for each language).

Our dedicated project manager did an outstanding job managing the costs and resources delivering this complex project in only 2 days. To make sure the quality standard was as high as possible we ensured that a voice director, project manager, sound engineer and a producer/director were involved in the recording process and present in the studio.

"The artistes ranged from very good to amazing! All were a pleasure to work with and it was great to have Conversis’ team knowledge and support in the studio. The whole session was very well-organised and the recordings went smoothly. We are very happy with the result!"
Catherine Turner - Managing Director
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