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ICR 'Chairman's Forum - Focus on Study Start up'

New developments in the world of clinical trials

Conversis | 27th May 2015

Feedback from the Conversis Medical team

Earlier this month, the Conversis Medical team attended ‘Chairman’s Forum –Focus on Study Start up’ hosted by The Institute of Clinical Research (ICR), and produced in conjunction with the ICR Project Management Special Interest Group. The conference was an informal learning opportunity allowing delegates to share information and experiences with each other and with our speakers. The team was very proud to be asked to present at the event and to be able to share their vast knowledge and experience of the critical success factors in the project management of the translation process. Dr Mark Hooper, delivered a presentation which focused on the regulatory and time-pressured nature of projects in drug development and clinical trials and the key factors to be considered when running the related translation processes. He showed case studies of the translation process and highlighted the advantages of incorporating localisation into translation projects.

The opening speech by Dr Alison Messom, “Study start up is the most critical step for success and yet it is the one we often rush through resulting in poorly designed studies, delays at Ethics & R&D approval steps. We have explored some of the key areas and hot topics that will help to overcome these issues.”

Lesley Robson, Cancer Research UK-Clinical Operations Manager, Cancer Research has an extensive clinical development portfolio, larger than many pharmaceutical companies. As a charity they do not have the same economic resources that the pharma industry has and yet still need to deliver the same high quality. Overview of the clinical trials they have been working on recently.

Jen Harrison – Change Manager, discussed about HRA protocol template and how to get the best out of your research and development office. The protocol template aims to simplify and speed up the clinical trial process.

Roger Joby, a member of the Association for Project Management (APM), and one of the ICRs specialist trainers for project management. He was explaning techniques to define and design the study including MOSCOW, AGILE and RISK Based approaches –system managemnet tools.

Peter Watts, explained how BIG DATA can be used as information quickly and very effective. With ever more data available electronically, Peter showed how electronic data help to target the research study. This allows to screen the patients you want to recruit and also the data that could be harvested automatically to help maximise efficiencies.

It was a great event, learning about new developments in the world of clinical trials and meeting these knowledgeable experts. We look forward to attending other events like this!

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