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Gary's thought for the Month

Gary Muddyman | 24th April 2015

The future of Conversis

One of the real joys of my job is to see our business grow, evolve and develop. That is, as an entity and also the people within it. Those of you that know me well will recognise that, as I get older, I get ever more reflective. Rather than being shocked at the appearance of the old boy that looks out of the mirror at me every morning, I’ve started to embrace the maturing process. I still like to think I’ve still got all of the old energy, but perhaps overlaid with a little more wisdom.

But values and principles are slow to change. When we started this business over 10 years ago, we were determined that it would be a business that benefitted all of its stakeholders; the owners, the clients, the staff, the suppliers, and the wider community.

Conversis has grown and changed more in the last 12 months than it has at any time in its history. We have responded to opportunity and also looked to remain relevant in the more sophisticated localisation industry. We are in exciting times. But those basic over-riding principles remain;

That we will provide our shareholders with excellent returns on their investment.

That we will genuinely help our clients do business internationally and do it in a quality-led, transparent way that gives them true value for money.

That we provide fair rewards for our people and ensure that they work in a positive, challenging and safe environment.

That we have open and fair relationships with our suppliers based on trust and mutual respect.

And finally that we play our role in the wider society by supporting those less fortunate than ourselves and being good corporate citizens.

We can never relax and never be satisfied, but I am confident that we discharge all of these responsibilities well. The shareholders are satisfied, we enjoy long-term close relationships with our clients and suppliers and we have a stable and happy workforce (at least that’s what they tell me!). I am also proud of the work we do outside of the business -the most elective part of this scorecard. I am proud to be involved with Translators without BordersSebastians Action TrustWembley to SowetoThe Rosetta Foundation and Auditory Verbal.

I believe that a company’s relationship with its stakeholders defines its values and culture. There is much more work to do, but we are enjoying the journey.

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