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Everything you ever wanted to know about translation

05th February 2015

Translation 101 Workshop at the Marylebone Hotel in London

Back in December, Conversis hosted a Translation 101 Workshop at the Marylebone Hotel in London which aimed to answer questions about the localisation and translation process from the perspective of those whose role involves managing localisation projects and liaising with Language Service Providers (LSPs) like Conversis. 

The future of translation by Roberto Silva 

'Following a networking breakfast, Mark Hooper, Director at Conversis, kicked off the session with an introduction to the day and an overview of some of the typical issues faced in translation and localisation projects that we were aiming to discuss in more detail over the course of the morning.

Uschi Dellian, Programme Manager in the Localisation and Translation team at Canon Europe, then gave a fascinating presentation entitled ‘A corporate client’s perspective on localisation’. Uschi talked through the various challenges involved in planning projects, and particularly emphasised the need to consider localisation from the very beginning of a project, especially due to the impact it may have on the timing, particularly if involving multiple languages and the budgets that may then be associated with implementing that amount of work.

Uschi’s presentation sparked some interesting debate amongst the group, which included a real mix of attendees from commercial businesses such as Xerox, Public Sector representation from Defra, marketing agency Flock Associates, and media representation from Communicate Magazine.  Topics discussed in this session included project planning, budgeting for localisation, and working closely with your localisation agency from the start of the briefing process.

Emma Nelson, Project Manager at Conversis, followed Uschi with a presentation breaking down the basics of translation for those attending the workshop who were new to the process. Emma’s introduction included the different formats of source files, the process of translation itself and details of the factors to consider when costing a translation project.

Roberto Silva, Head of Technology at Conversis, then gave a stimulating talk on what new technology developments mean for the world of translation. Roberto’s presentation tackled questions such as what role Machine Translation (MT) would play in the future of translation, and specifically whether it would eventually lead to the extinction of translation agencies. He also discussed productivity of translators and the kind of challenges that translators face. The concept of quality within the translation industry was another important talking point, along with how technology can help in maintaining and improving quality levels.

If you are interested in attending a future workshop, or if you would like us to arrange a bespoke session at your offices for your team, please get in touch here.

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