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Conversis - a global and international company

'If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language that goes to his heart.' Nelson Mandela

Conversis | 01st March 2015

Our staff represent many different countries from across the globe

Without a doubt, Conversis can be described as a global company. Our major customers are US and Europe-based multinational corporations. Our suppliers are based in all four corners of the globe and everywhere in between.

We also like to describe ourselves as an international company as well as a global corporation. A visit to Conversis HQ here in Oxfordshire will leave you with a true sense of our internationalism - the variety in culture and language within the company is huge and visitors are often left amazed at how many different tongues they hear while just walking around. You will hear Polish, French, Czech, Hungarian, Russian, German, Italian, Afrikaans and Portuguese and at least three different Spanish speakers who all come from different countries.

Our staff represent many different countries  from across the globe – you can imagine it gets quite lively during the World Cup! Of course, this melange of nationalities means that there are different groups of people who speak each other’s languages and so find it easier to converse on subjects in languages other than our official company language of English. Although the main core of our staff works in specialised translation project management, and our translators are all in-country, and spread around the world, the ability to converse in different languages and the understanding of the world of languages which comes from this knowledge has proven invaluable time after time for our team.

Conversis is a rarity, however, as it seems that many UK-based businesses are struggling to find employees with language skills. According to this BBC article, the UK’s education system is failing to produce enough people with foreign-language skills to meet a growing need from business, although nearly two thirds of 300 UK businesses surveyed said that they preferred candidates with language skills.

As Vicky Gough from the British Council reports, ‘if we want to thrive in a global society, we need to take firm action now.’ The British Council’s Languages for the Future report click here to read which identifies which languages are the most important for the UK’s competitiveness and global standing over the next 20 years. These findings are fundamental for UK businesses who are hoping to keep ahead of global trends, and not miss out on opportunities due to lack of language skills.

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