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Call for support - Red T

Gary Muddyman | 12th May 2016

Red T is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the protection of translators and interpreters employed in conflict zones and other adversarial settings.

You will have seen from time to time Conversis’ commitment to the not-for-profit organisations that surround the translation and interpreting community. Translators Without Borders has made huge strides over the last 2 years with the restructure of the Executive Management leading to greater focus. You will see some very exciting developments coming from The Rosetta Foundation very soon. It has been my privilege to serve both of these organisations at Advisory Board and Executive Committee level.

Since the GALA conference in New York I have become more aware of the incredible work being done by Red T, a non-profit organization, headquartered in New York, that is dedicated to the protection of translators and interpreters employed in conflict zones and other adversarial settings. Red T advocates world-wide on their behalf, raises awareness of their plight and promotes their safety.

Over the last week there have been two stories, either side of the Atlantic, which demonstrate the difficulties currently being experienced by translators and interpreters and the lack of political will present to support them.

The first story was featured in the New York Times and covers the extreme difficulty of Afghan interpreters gaining visas to the USA and how the passing of the 2017 defence spending bill will only exacerbate those difficulties.

The second is in the Daily Mail and highlights the desperate record of the UK Government in awarding asylum to these extraordinarily brave people who now live their life in fear.

I encourage you to read both articles and then consider joining the 40,000 current supporters by signing this online petition. Through it Red T seeks to persuade the UN to employ greater efforts to protect translators and interpreters caught up in conflict zones. It is critical, not only from a humanitarian perspective, but to ensure that future translators and interpreters offer their services confident that they and their families will be protected by the Governments they serve.

Thank you!

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