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Oxford University Careers Fair

Conversis | 28th April 2015

Meeting students at the Oxford University Careers Fair

Conversis were invited to attend the latest Oxford University Careers Fair, where our representatives were looking forward to meet the students that are about to embark on their careers from one of the world’s best universities.

The team were delighted to meet the language students to discuss the opportunities open to them. A project manager at Conversis will often be coordinating up to 80 languages in one project and will use their own language skills for revision and quality control. They will also be in contact with translators and clients from across the globe on a daily basis – often described as the favourite part of their job.

Like most Language Service Providers (LSPs), Conversis uses in-country translators for our projects. This means that if we need to translate a document or a website to be published in Mexico, then we will aim to use a translator who is a qualified native Mexican Spanish speaker based in Mexico. This ensures that content is not only translated but localised to take into account any cultural sensitivities or nuances. It does mean that we would have very few requests for native English translators based in the UK who will often find more success on databases for agencies abroad.

There is growing concern for the drop in numbers of students studying languages at university in the UK, although linguists are very much in demand by companies such as Conversis. We would urge university and school career departments to include project management and co-ordination for translation agencies in their lists of jobs available to those studying translation at university, and to encourage businesses such as Conversis to attend events to highlight these career choices.  We would certainly be open about sharing our knowledge with groups of students who want to know more about the translation industry.

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