Quality Assurance

The review process is critical to the quality of the translated product. We ensure that your translated products, be it documents, websites or electronic media, are reviewed following our industry-leading Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of your translated content.

As part of our Quality Assurance (QA) process, various checklists are therefore used to ensure all steps have been completed. This way, any tasks that remain outstanding can be highlighted and immediately rectified.

Translator check

As part of our quality procedures all translators working on any given project are required to submit a checklist, supplied by us at the start of a project, confirming that they have carried out all the steps necessary to complete their part of the project to the agreed standard. This includes ensuring that terms were checked against the memories, glossary and terminology lists (if applicable).

Project manager check

All translations are given a basic proof-read called a PM check. This is not to be confused with a Language proof-read; a PM check is carried out by our project manager and involves making sure that all source material has been translated and that all numbers, paragraphs, headings and pages are present in the translation. Automated software is also used at this stage to support the manual assessment (e.g. Docuproof or Trados Studio).

Proofreading by an independent translator

Depending on the purpose of the document, we recommend that clients incorporate the proofreading step into the translation process; this ensures the highest quality possible. Proofreading refers to a translation QA step, whereby a second, independent, translator reviews and fine tunes the work of the original translator.

Back translations

Certain types of material typically undergo back translation (on request) in addition to the standard review cycles, as part of the quality assurance process.

Second review

In many cases, a second review is carried out by the client e.g. before submission of documents to ethics committee or regulatory agencies. We have worked closely with specific clients’ internal quality systems to enable us to manage the second review, enabling the client to focus on what they do best, and allowing us to provide full service management of the whole translation process.

Revision history

The regulatory and quality-focused environment of medical translation means that fully documenting translation and revision history is essential. We provide full revision histories for translated documents including the current version, version history, date of each revision, identity of the translator or reviewer, and a record of the original source document.
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