Linguist assessment

Linguist candidates, in order to qualify, must hold higher education degrees and demonstrate extensive professional experience in their subject of expertise. In addition, they must successfully pass our internal testing. Other parameters for being included in our pool of linguists may require certification by recognised professional organisations, such as ATA, ITI, IOL etc. In order to provide our clients with value-added services, we encourage linguists to use the latest in Translation Memory (TM), management, and glossary tools and help them by offering free advice on training issues.

An important part of Quality Assurance starts with the selection of the best-qualified language team for the project at hand. From our pool of linguists, our project managers will select the team for the specifics of each project.

Those specifics include the language combination(s), subject matter, complexity and style of the text. Our clients can be confident that their project will be handled by language professionals who work into their native language, who share the same culture as the target audience, and who have a perfect command of the source language and subject at hand.

Our Database was designed to be a fundamental quality and management tool. It provides us with information about the availability and capabilities of our internal and external resources as well as keeping track of the progress of each project. By facilitating workflows for our project managers, it results in significantly higher operational efficiencies.

Our selected linguists are monitored on every project. The information is logged in our database, so project managers can track the performance of each resource over a period of time. Our resources must demonstrate consistent quality of work through peer review and the unfailing ability to meet deadlines. Once translators have proven themselves, they are gradually given additional responsibility. Our active resources database contains over 1700 professional translators.
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