Dedicated project management

We provide dedicated, personal project management for your project – you will never feel like one client in a big company system. We understand that the vast majority of our clients are not localisation experts. That’s our job. Our highly-experienced project managers form close relationships with our clients so that we can fully understand your business and your specific needs. In order to produce the best results possible, we always consider the whole communication process in all the languages and cultures involved.

With us, projects are managed following an established process framework, tailored to the specific requirements and internal procedures of each client. Projects are run using a proven methodology and a range of carefully selected tools and resources, including a state-of-the-art workflow management system.

Each project will pass through an assessment phase which is carried out by a project manager. During this process, the project manager captures the project details, client expectations and potential risks. A checklist assists the project manager in developing a project plan, defining the required linguistic resources, scheduling communication type, frequency, and deliverables. At this stage, the project manager contacts the client and verifies if any existing style guides, glossaries, terminologies, translation memories or previously translated materials are available. If these are available, such information is added into our Translator Kit and Instructions.

As part of our quality process, shortly after project award, your dedicated project manager will schedule a formal project kick-off meeting. All key players should participate in the meeting, as it will confirm the production plan and verify that expectations are clear. During the kick-off meeting we will define roles and responsibilities, confirm the project schedule, establish the communication plan, confirm deliverables and flag issues for immediate action.
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