Continuous improvement

We are committed to seeking and receiving feedback on the services we provide. With regular feedback from our clients we can continue to review our processes, make changes as required and ensure the continuous improvement of our services. When feedback is specific to a translation project, our client’s feedback is incorporated into the translation (at no extra cost). Other feedback is used to improve our processes - we have regular customer satisfaction surveys, the results of which are implemented into our processes.

Changes on any given project can be made, assuming it makes good business sense, based on feedback from translators, editors, DTP staff, project managers or the client. Our process is structured so that this is possible to achieve with minimal negative impact.

As a further early warning system, we will take all relevant findings from our regular customer satisfaction surveys and constantly use them to fine tune our project life cycle procedure.

Status Reports

All project team members are required to submit progress reports to their immediate supervisor, which are then consolidated and forwarded to the project manager. Should risks be discovered, the PM will adjust resources as needed to ensure deadlines and quality levels are met.
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