Shell is a multinational energy producing company with about 94,000 employees in more than 70 countries.

What does Conversis do for Shell?

Conversis helps Shell with the translation of internal health and safety related communication, training and leadership training materials for its employees around the world. 

Over the years, our regular work included the translation of quarterly safety bulletins into 15 languages, monthly health and safety guides into 14 languages, which include Western European languages as well as Malay, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Slovak and Indonesian.

We regularly work with Shell on one-off projects that vary in scale and complexity. Some work can be as straightforward as translating the content and creating the artwork for posters, brochures for safety messages or technical instructions. Others can involve translation or continuous update of large and complicated technical manuals, like an aviation fuelling handbook. Some of the recent projects include:

  • Update of over 400 page operations manual (words per language), which we translated into 16 languages including Arabic, Russian and Turkish;
  • Health and safety related training materials with a total page number of around 1500 (170000 words per language), which we translated and formatted into 9 languages including Czech and Turkish;
  • Leadership training materials with a total page number of around 840 (70000 words per language), which we have been translating into 5 languages including Russian and Brazilian Portuguese as well as creating localised artwork and format numerous localised presentations.

What makes the relationship work?

The responsiveness of our project managers and the high levels of communication throughout each project ensure that the team at Shell knows exactly what’s happening at every stage of the project. They appreciate that we effortlessly deal with complex multilingual projects.

Shell relies on us to deliver accurate, consistent translations in many languages on time and to budget. Every time. And because we deliver, our relationship continues to flourish.

What does Shell have to say about working with us?

"Their project managers have responded rapidly, professionally and proactively to our requirements, often in the context of very complex projects."
- Sally Blaxland, Team Leader, Language Services (London)

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