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'We live in a society and it's very important both individually and collectively that we support each other within that society. I believe that any business which is purely set up in the pursuit of profit is a business that lacks richness and roundness and is actually motivated in the wrong way. We're obviously limited as to how much we can do, after all, we're running a business, but I believe each business has a responsibility beyond the four walls of its offices to make a contribution. I was taught a long while ago, that there are four sets of stakeholders in any business. There are the shareholders, who everybody concentrates on, then there's the staff, who still some people focus on but not enough, there are the clients and suppliers and then there is the wider community. And all of those stakeholders should be given equal weight in terms of what the business tries to do. Now for me, it's about the whole essence and culture of the business, without that CSR part, then the business just lacks something.'
Gary Muddyman, CEO, Conversis

Here at Conversis we are extremely proud of the work we do to support our charitable partners and of the initiatives that we have within our business that enable us as a company to give something back to society, to our employees, and to the environment.

Sebastian's Action Trust

Sebastian was just an extraordinary young human being who very sadly lost his life far too early. The energy that he's given to his mother and father to take this charity to where it is now it's just incredible.

While diagnosed with a terminal disease, Sebastian was a very sensitive little boy, noticing the emotional impact it had on his family. Because they had to cancel all the family travelling, Sebastian's last wish was that children like him could still enjoy quality family time on holiday.

And his mother Jane Gates made sure that dream came true.

This area is undervalued in healthcare generally, the focus often being on the patient and their clinical care, nobody really thinks about the family's emotional care, and that's what Sebastian's Action Trust does for the families of seriously ill children. As Gary rightly points out, ‘I'm just bowled over by the incredible energy of Jane and Mike, they are forces of nature, both of them.'

Through Sebastian's Action Trust Blue Bells was developed, UK's only purpose-built facility in Hampshire that offers respite holidays to very sick children and their families, enabling precious time to be spent together. The Family Outreach Hub, in Slough Berkshire, provides a welcome drop-in centre for families of seriously-ill children, enabling them to access advice, guidance, advocacy, counselling and therapeutic support in order to address some of the critical issues they face on a daily basis. The facility includes a sensory room, pools, a cinema and a music room.

Our vision is that there should be at least one Blue Bells in every country!


Wembley to Soweto

Conversis is proud to support W2S as the charity complements our philosophy to promote the understanding of different backgrounds and cultures across the world. The wonderful photographs taken by the young adults trained by W2S create a fascinating window on their world.

The project started off by enabling eight young people from a Johannesburg township to take part in an intensive photography skills course to teach them not only how to use a camera to take fantastic photographs like this one, taken by Thapelo Motsumi in Diepsloot township, Johannesburg in 2010 (© The Wembley to Soweto Foundation), but also life skills to help them make a career out of photography.

W2S use major sporting events as the backdrop to their various projects, but the real interest is in the lives of the people living in their communities close by. Their students have also been given the opportunity to take some amazing photos of some of their heroes too, including Idris Elba, Judi Dench, Michelle Fairley, Bill Nighy and Alan Rickman, which were recently featured on the Guardian's website.

'Wembley to Soweto' is a global initiative that provides professional photographic training and life-skills to historically disadvantaged young people in order for them to move their own lives forward and, ultimately, make a positive contribution to the society in which they live. Initiated by founder of Wilton Pictures, David Westhead, in collaboration with Kweku Mandela (Nelson Mandela's grandson) and international photographer, John Cole, 'Wembley to Soweto' was created out of the belief that 'an ounce of action is worth a ton of theory'.

The programme aims to develop a young person's creative voice and to enable them to express themselves and share the stories, of their worlds.


Translators Without Borders

Translators without borders is one of the charities that really resonates with our mission here at Conversis. Gary Muddyman, CEO of Conversis and also a member of the advisory board at Translators Without Borders thinks that 'It is extremely important that sensitive information is accurately translated into relevant languages in under-developed countries. Knowledge is power and it is critical to disseminate knowledge in the language of those who need it.'

Through the sophisticated Translators without Borders platform, important aid groups easily connect directly with professional translators, breaking down the barriers of language and building up the transfer of information to those who need it, one brick at a time.


The Rosetta Foundation

The Rosetta Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered in Ireland promoting equal access to information and knowledge across the languages of the world. It maintains the Translation Commons ( matching non-profit translation projects and organisations with the skills and interests of volunteer translators. As a member of the Executive Committee, our CEO Gary Muddyman is very much involved in the planning and strategy process. Him along with the other members on the executive board are committed to building a more sustainable environment for their charity work.

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